28 juni 2008

Ravelry - Secret Prayer Sock Swap

Today it's all english.. It gets a little bit boring translating everything, or nearly everything, in to english. So today I won't... But it's about Ravelry, so it has to be in english not norwegian.

In Ravelry I'm a member of a group called "Christian knitters & croheters". I love this group! It's a place where you can post prayer requests, ask question about your faith or just hang out. And right now there's a Secret Prayer Sock Swap going on, that I'm participating in. Basically I knit a sock to a person who I don't know. I've got details about foot size and prayer request. So I knit and pray for this person. This person does not know who is knitting a pair of socks to her. And I don't know who is knitting and praying for me... Exciting. This started on June 1st and will go on until September 1st. Well, the socks will have to be mailed so that the recipient has them before September 1st.

I've already prayed a lot. Then earlier this week I went out and bought the yarn I want to use, and started on one sock. Today I finished the first sock and started on the next. I probably will finish the second sock pretty soon I think. But I will of course keep praying for my partner until September 1st. Why do we knit socks? Why couldn't we only pray for our partner? Because it's a swap in the "Christian knitters & crocheters" group, and because it's really nice to get a pair of socks that you know has been made with a lot of prayer for you!

Ok. So that was my english blogging for today...

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