04 august 2010


Coming home to an appartment looked after by a good friend is always nice. One of my orchids is dead - but it was fortunately my own fault and not my friends doing... It got a little too much sun one day in July. (Hard to believe given the summer we've had, but still.) My friend had looked after my plants and looked after my post. Thank you!!

Well... when I came home from my two week vacation today my friend picked me up, drove me so that I could get some groceries, drove me home and spent some time with me. She had baked scones which we ate and I contributed with a salad and tea :)

But back to the hugs... On my table there was a bowl full of hugs, almonds and dark chocolate!!! Thank you for that as well. It's good I have a cup with a cork lid so that I can hide them and not eat them all at once :)

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